Got No Name
Released 2013



1. #74  
2. KYSA  
3. Burn With You  
4. Colt .45  
5. Direct Miss  
6. Seaside  
7. Swing  
8. Dixtender  
9. Got No Name  
10. Meet Halfway  
11. Milkmaid  
12. ?  
13. Like Wolves  




Quarter Monkey is:
Jereme Riccelli (lead vocal / guitar) Tony Brickner (bass / vocal) Shane Delforge (drums)
All Songs were written, recorded and produced by Quarter Monkey
Tracking, mixing and mastering by Jimmy Hill at Amplified Wax Recording Studio, Spokane, WA
Graphic Design by Tyler Shellenberger and Mandy Hill
Photography by Phillip Dhillon and Tony Brickner
Guest guitar by Ty Pfundheller on Colt .45, Swing, Dixtender, Got No Name, Like Wolves and ?
Guest vocal by Ty Pfundheller on Swing, and Got No Name
Guest vocal by Brittany Pfundheller on Got No Name
Guest vocal by Deanar Ali Young on Direct Miss